Message Header Analyzer

Privacy Policy


This add-in does not intentionally collect or transmit any personal data. All processing occurs client side.

Microsoft Privacy Statement

This add-in adheres to the Microsoft Privacy Statement.


This add-in uses Application Insights to collect telemetry necessary for maintainence and improvement of the add-in. No personal information is intentionally gathered. All information gathered is deleted after 90 days.


Please refer any questions to the MHA project on GitHub.

A Note from the Developer on Permissions

In order to get the transport message headers I have to use the EWS makeEwsRequestAsync method, which requires the ReadWriteMailbox permission level. See the article Understanding Outlook add-in permissions for more on this. If I could request fewer permissions I would, since I only ever read the one property, but I have no choice in the matter.

When REST is more widely available, and a few REST specific bugs are fixed, I'll be able to switch to REST and request a lower permission level.